Hors d'oevres
Brunch menu
banquet menu

Crab Tartlet-

A mini tart stuffed with crab, pancetta, egg and parmesan cheese .

                                                                                                $1.75 pp 

Shrimp Tartlet-

A mini tart stuffed with a delicious shrimp salad and garnished with a baby shrimp. 

                                                                                                 $2.00pp                                                                                                Caprese Tartlet-

A mini tart filled with fresh tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil.


Cheese Tartlet-

A mini tart filled with gorganzola, mascarpone and cream, topped with walnuts and pistachio nuts.

                                                                                                 $1.50 pp

Phyllo Triangles

Little savory pies filled with your choice of roquefort and pistacios,spinach and feta or rosemary and proscuitto.

                                                                                                 $1.75 pp  

Mortadella Mousse-

A delicate mousse of mortadella, cream, and eggs served with homemade ciabatta bread.

                                                                                                   $1.50 pp

Beef and Cheese Empanadas

Our flaky pastry dough filled with seasoned ground beef, tomatoes and cheese.


Shrimp Cocktail-

Jumbo shrimp served with your choice of parsley and green olive pesto, mustard butter, or coctail sauce.


Savory cannolis-

Our homemade cannoli shells stuffed with ricotta, parmigiano, and escarole.

Arancini(fried rice balls)-

Saffron risotto filled with fresh mozzarella rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried.


Endive Boats-
Filled with our homemade fig and onion jam and topped with chopped pistachios.

Scallops wrapped with prosciutto-
Succulent sea scallops wrapped with prosciutto and served with a sun dried tomato pesto.                     

Tuscan Pate'-
A rich chicken liver pate' laced with capers and anchovies served on crostini.

Stuffed Cherry Peppers-

Hot cherry peppers stuffed and baked with parmesan cheese, tomatoes, bread crumbs, anchovies, green olives and capers.



Venetian Meatballs-

These succulent little beef and potato meatballs are a staple in wine bars throughout Venice.


Sliced Cold Filet of Beef-

Served with horseradish cream and sliced French baguette.


Stuffed Belgian Endive-

Leaves of endive stuffed with sour cream, gorgonzola cheese, cream, and a touch of brandy.


Mini Crepes with Asparagus-

Mini crepes filled with poached asparagus and herbed cheese.


Stuffed Mushroom Caps-

Mushroom caps stuffed and baked with proscutto, parmesan cheese, and a bechamel sauce.


Stuffed Cherry Tomtoes                                                                                                   

Cherry tomatoes stuffed with black olive tapenade.


Assorted Crostini-

A variety of mushroom and caper, sausage and cheese, seafood etc. served on a toasted baguette.


Cucumber Cups

Little cups of cucumber stuffed with a spicy shrimp salad..


Smoked salmon eclairs

Our homemade mini eclairs filled cream cheese, sour cream, fresh dill, and smoked salmon.


Mushroom and Cheese Puffs-

Mushrooms and cheese baked in puff pastry.


Ricotta Morsels-

Half moon pastries stuffed and baked with ricotta and ham.


Beef and wild mushroom pate`

Beef wrapped with prosciutto and laced with wild mushrooms; served with a cognac mustard sauce.


Cheese Tartlets with Sweet Pepper Confit-

Mini tarts stuffed with a combination of goat cheese, mascarpone and parmesan topped with a confit of red and yellow peppers.


Mini Reubens-

A miniature version of the classic reuben!


Mini Croque Monsieur-

A petit version of the classic French ham and cheese sandwich.

Vol au Vent-

Little cups of homemade puff pastry filled with chicken and mushrooms in
a delicate cream sauce.

Also available a selection of homemade mini pastries available upon request.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                Cheese and Fruit Crudite-

                                                                                                     $3.50 pp

A varied selection of cheese and fresh fruit served with assorted crackers.

Prices are on a per person basis and depending upon your selection include 2-4 hors d'oeuvres per unit price. Prices do not include tax or gratuity if on site service is required.

All hors d'oeuvre's are homemade by us on premise including all pastry dough,
all butter puff pastry, pate a choux, croissant dough etc.