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Blueberry Tart-                                                           

A delicious tart baked with sour cream custard and topped with blueberries. Seasonal berries may be substituted.                                               


Chocolate Ganache Tart-

A chocolate lovers dream, this dense tart  can be enjoyed on its own or topped with fresh whipped cream.


Peaches and Cream Tart

A luxurious tart made with fresh peaches and an almond nut crust.


Lemon Curd Tart

Homemade lemon curd topped with kiwi fruit and fresh berries garnished with sweetened cream.


Creme Brulee Tart -

A delicate tart filled with traditional creme brulee and topped with fresh raspberries.


Chocolate Polenta Cake-

Unforgettable, this rich and dense cake with just a hint of orange gets it's character from the polenta base. Ideal for those with flour issues.



Flourless Chocolate Cake-

A rich and luxurious chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse and topped with fresh raspberries


Sacher Torte

This intense chocolate cake scented with almonds and covered in a luxurious chocolate ganache
and garnished with fresh raspberries represents the best of Viennese pastry making.

Torta Regina-

Aptly named the queen of cakes, this cake highlights the regal marriage of chocolate and hazelnuts.



This Florentine specialty consists of a dome of homemade pound cake filled with chocolate cream and almond cream said to reflect the dome of Florence's famous cathedral.


Apple Croustade-

This ethereal dessert features apples flambeed in brandy and layered between sheets of phyllo dough dusted with sugar and almonds.


Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake-

A rich chocolate cheese cake accented with espesso and gilded with chocolate ganache.


Sicilian Cassata Cake-

Layers of sponge cake laced with rum and topped with a ricotta cream enriched with chocolate
and pistachios covered in a glaze and garnished with slivered almonds..


Strawberry Tart-

A traditional French tart filled with pastry cream and topped with fresh glazed strawberries.

Rum Baba-

A luxurious cake studded with raisins, drenched in rum and the center filled with
a blend of pastry cream and chantilly cream.                   


An Italian classic made with mascarpone, brandy, cream, ladyfingers and

Assorted homemade pastries -

Selection and price available upon request